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TBEX Europe 2024 will take place in San Sebastian, Basque Country

Travel enthusiasts and bloggers around the world have an opportunity to attend in TBEX Europe 2024 in San Sebastian, Basque Country. Scheduled to take place from May 28 to 31, 2024, TBEX Europe 2024 will be an exciting convergence of travel professionals, influencers, and content creators. San Sebastian is a perfect European host for this event. The attractions the city and region have to offer and the unique opportunities for travel bloggers attending TBEX Europe 2024 to network, explore and participate in Fam trips.

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Discovering San Sebastian – The Pearl of the Basque Country

San Sebastian, also known as Donostia in Basque, is a coastal city renowned for its unparalleled beauty, vibrant culture, and exquisite cuisine. Nestled gracefully along the Bay of Biscay, this Spanish gem is set against lush green hills and offers awe-inspiring views of the shimmering sea. Known as one of the world’s top culinary destinations, San Sebastian boasts numerous Michelin-starred restaurants and pintxos bars, each offering a delightful array of Basque cuisine. From its pristine beaches to its elegant boulevards, this city emanates a sense of charm and sophistication that enchants travellers from every corner of the globe.

TBEX Europe 2024

TBEX Europe is a premier travel conference that brings together travel writers, bloggers, content creators, and industry professionals worldwide. By holding the event in San Sebastian, TBEX Europe 2024 is set to draw an even larger and more diverse crowd. Participants will have the unique opportunity to engage in face-to-face networking, attend inspiring keynote speeches, and participate in insightful workshops and panel discussions.

Some of the local attractions for TBEX attendees

  1. Playa de la Concha – Often considered one of Europe’s best city beaches, Playa de la Concha’s crescent shape and golden sands make it an ideal spot for unwinding after conference sessions. Whether you want to stroll or soak in the sun, this beach offers an incredible respite.
  2.  Old Town (Parte Vieja) – The charming cobblestone streets of San Sebastian’s Old Town are brimming with history, culture, and culinary delights. Exploring the area’s traditional taverns and pintxos bars will give attendees an authentic taste of Basque gastronomy.
  3.  Mount Urgull – For panoramic views of the city and its surroundings, a hike up Mount Urgull is a must. This lush green hill offers a unique perspective on San Sebastian’s stunning landscape.
  4.  San Telmo Museum – Delve into the rich history and cultural heritage of the Basque Country at the San Telmo Museum. Attendees can learn about the region’s art, traditions, and folklore.
  5.  La Zurriola Beach – A favourite among surfers, La Zurriola Beach is the place to catch some waves or witness the local surfers showcase their skills.
  6.  Paseo Nuevo – The scenic Paseo Nuevo provides a picturesque waterfront promenade where attendees can take relaxing walks and capture postcard-perfect shots of San Sebastian.

Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Paradise

One of the highlights of TBEX Europe 2024 in San Sebastian is the city’s gastronomic offerings. Basque cuisine is renowned for its use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and attendees can indulge in pintxos – the region’s unique take on tapas. TBEX attendees will be able to discover the artistry behind each delectable dish and the passion for preparing them.

TBEX Europe 2024 in San Sebastian, Basque Country, promises to be an event like no other – a celebration of travel, culture, and the art of storytelling. As travel bloggers and industry professionals converge in this picturesque city, they will experience the essence of Basque culture, explore stunning landscapes, indulge in world-class cuisine, and forge invaluable connections.

Register to attend the event at:

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