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Planning and Checklist for attending IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2023

Pre-Event Planning for Travel Buyers

As a travel buyer attending IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2023, meticulous pre-event planning is essential to ensure a fruitful and productive experience. The highly anticipated annual event in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry takes place at the prestigious Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand, from 26th to 28th September 2023. For travel buyers attending this event, thorough pre-event planning is crucial to make the most of this valuable networking and business opportunity. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for the event:

Understand Your Objectives

Before diving into the planning process, it’s crucial to define your objectives for attending the event. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve by participating in IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2023. Are you looking to source new suppliers, strengthen existing partnerships, explore innovative solutions, or gain industry insights? Clarifying your goals will guide your planning efforts and help you make the most of your time at the event.

Familiarize Yourself with the Event

Research and familiarize yourself with the event’s details, including the schedule, session topics, exhibitors, and special features. IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2023 will host a plethora of seminars, workshops, networking sessions, and business appointments. Knowing the event’s structure will enable you to create a personalized schedule that aligns with your objectives.

Register and Confirm Your Attendance

Once you have decided to attend the event, promptly register to secure your spot. Early registration often comes with benefits, such as access to exclusive sessions or discounts on accommodation and travel. Confirm your attendance and review the confirmation details to ensure there are no errors in your registration.

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Accommodation and Travel Arrangements

With the event being held at the Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, select accommodation close to the venue to save time and transportation costs. Many hotels in the vicinity will likely offer special rates for event attendees. Consider booking your accommodation early to secure your preferred choice.

Regarding travel arrangements, check for flight options and availability to Bangkok. Depending on your location, you might want to explore direct flights or convenient connecting options. Also, ensure that your passport is valid for travel and that you have obtained any necessary visas well in advance.

Networking and Appointment Planning

IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2023 provide an excellent opportunity for networking with industry professionals, suppliers, and other travel buyers. Take advantage of the event’s appointment matching system to schedule meetings with exhibitors and other participants who align with your interests and objectives.

Before the event, review the list of exhibitors and create a priority list of those you want to meet. Reach out to them in advance to express your interest in meeting and to inquire about their availability during the event. This proactive approach will help you secure valuable business appointments and optimize your time at the event.

Pack Essential Materials

Ensure you have all necessary materials and documents for the event. These may include business cards, brochures, product catalogs, notepads, pens, and any other materials relevant to your networking and business discussions.

Planning Your Meetings at IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2023

Identify Key Exhibitors and Suppliers

As a travel buyer, your primary focus at the event will likely be to interact with exhibitors and suppliers offering products and services relevant to your organization’s needs. Before arriving at the event, identify key exhibitors and suppliers that align with your objectives and target areas.

Schedule Appointments

Leverage the appointment matching system provided by IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2023 to schedule meetings with your identified exhibitors and suppliers. Carefully select the time slots for these appointments to ensure they don’t overlap and allow sufficient time for meaningful discussions.

Set Meeting Objectives

For each scheduled meeting, establish clear objectives to guide your discussions. Whether you are looking to explore new partnerships, negotiate terms, or gain more information about specific products, having well-defined objectives will make your meetings more focused and productive.

Prepare Questions and Talking Points

Prepare a list of relevant questions and talking points for each meeting. Research the exhibitors and suppliers beforehand to gain a better understanding of their offerings and tailor your questions accordingly. This preparation demonstrates your interest and seriousness in potential collaborations.

Be Open to New Opportunities

While it’s essential to have a plan and set objectives, be open to exploring new opportunities that may arise during the event. Be flexible in adjusting your schedule to accommodate impromptu meetings or unexpected networking opportunities.

Preparing a Planning List

To ensure a seamless and successful experience at IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2023, here’s a planning list to guide you through the preparation process:

Pre-Event Planning Checklist

  • Define your objectives for attending the event.
  • Research and familiarize yourself with the event’s schedule, sessions, and exhibitors.
  • Register and confirm your attendance at the event.
  • Book accommodation close to the venue and secure any necessary travel arrangements.
  • Check and ensure the validity of your passport and obtain any required visas.
  • Utilize the appointment matching system to schedule meetings with exhibitors and other participants.
  • Create a priority list of exhibitors and suppliers you want to meet and contact them in advance.
  • Pack essential materials, such as business cards, brochures, and notepads.
  • Prepare a list of questions and talking points for each scheduled meeting.

During the Event Checklist

  • Arrive at the event venue on time and be prepared for a full day of engagements.
  • Check the event schedule and make any necessary adjustments to your plans.
  • Engage actively in seminars, workshops, and networking sessions to gain industry insights and expand your network.
  • Attend scheduled meetings with exhibitors and suppliers, adhering to your set objectives.
  • Take notes during meetings and networking sessions to capture key information and action points.
  • Exchange contact information with valuable connections you make during the event.
  • Remain open to exploring new opportunities and last-minute networking.

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