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Matongo Matamwandi, Chief Executive Officer of the Zambia Tourism Agency - FITUR - Unravel Travel TV

Matongo Matamwandi, Chief Executive Officer of the Zambia Tourism Agency – FITUR 2024

At FITUR 2024 in Madrid, Matongo Matamwandi, CEO of the Zambia Tourism Agency, shared insights into Zambia’s participation and the significant strides in promoting the country as a prime destination for tourists and investors alike. Reflecting on his previous visit six years ago, Matamwandi noted a substantial increase in show visitors and consumer tourists, bolstering confidence in Zambia’s decision to exhibit at FITUR. A key focus for Zambia was attracting tourists and investors, particularly those interested in the tourism sector, including hotels, safari lodges, and conference facilities.

The event started with a business forum a day before FITUR’s official opening, drawing over fifty potential high-end investors keen on exploring opportunities in Zambia. The forum facilitated one-on-one meetings and culminated in investors pledging to visit Zambia, led by the Secretary-General of the UN Travel, marking a highlight of Zambia’s participation.

The Zambia Tourism Agency stand at FITUR, was staffed by a dedicated team and supported by over ten private sector exhibitors and various government agencies, became a hub for addressing technical questions about investment and tax incentives. The presence of Zambia’s revenue authorities ensured that potential investors’ queries were promptly answered. The involvement of the Zambian embassy in France, covering the area, underscored the comprehensive approach to promoting Zambia.

Matamwandi emphasized the unprecedented level of interest and engagement at the event, with operators reporting non-stop meetings and palpable excitement about Zambia’s tourism offerings. This increased visibility and recognition of Zambia as a desirable destination for tourism and investment can be attributed to the Zambian government and the President’s concerted efforts in national branding and international promotion.

The strategy to enhance Zambia’s global profile appears to be paying off, with more people recognizing Zambia and its leadership, elevating the country’s status internationally. Matamwandi’s reflections from FITUR 2024 highlight Zambia’s evolving perception as a known and sought-after destination, a testament to the effective strategies employed to promote its tourism and investment opportunities.

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