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Explore the Enchanting Kaunertal: Home to the Majestic “Gepatschferner” Glacier

Nestled within the breathtaking landscape of Tyrol, the captivating region of Kaunertal is the renowned “Gepatschferner” glacier, a towering marvel that stands as one of the most awe-inspiring and highest glaciers in the entire Tyrolean expanse. This natural wonder is located within a nature park that owes its existence to the visionary drive of the local community, now encompassing an impressive 40% of the region’s expansive natural realm since its establishment in 2021.

Cultural Splendors Abound in Kaunertal

Beyond its natural allure, Kaunertal is a treasure trove of cultural significance. It embraces a unique identity, characterized by its distinct dialect, a tapestry woven with a storied history, and hallmark traditions and customs that continue to thrive. The village’s social and cultural fabric is intricately interwoven with the tapestry of religion, elevating it to a central role in the community’s development. These cherished traditions are not merely preserved but are actively nurtured and celebrated. The repository of this cultural heritage finds a home in the Kaunertal Contemporary Witness Archive, a remarkable initiative that offers an exclusive glimpse into the cultural tapestry and authentic identity of Kaunertal.

Sustainability and Progress: Kaunertal’s Journey

While history whispers through its lanes, Kaunertal is also a testament to progress. Its valleys were once characterized by humble, small-scale agriculture, an echo of a bygone era. However, the landscape transformed with the advent of tourism, presenting fresh opportunities and challenges. A pioneering endeavor, the “CLEAN ALPINE REGION” project, has taken the reins of sustainable tourism, with a keen focus on navigating the ever-present climate change challenge and safeguarding the environment. The valley has taken bold strides, including innovative projects that strive to replace fossil fuels in both heating and mobility. Spearheaded by the nature park’s visionary leadership, specialized companies in “nature park design” have joined forces since 2020, lending steadfast support on the journey ahead. A pivotal aspect of this initiative is the comprehensive ODS process, underlining the commitment to fostering well-being among employees, nurturing local products, and embracing climate-conscious management practices.

Inclusivity and Accessibility: Kaunertal’s Heartwarming Approach

Kaunertal’s warm embrace extends to every corner of society, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility for individuals with special needs. For years, this cause has stood as a beacon of priority, meticulously woven into every project the village undertakes. The “Kaunertal mountain freedom” initiative, dedicated to enhancing the experiences of those with reduced mobility, has not only enriched the lives of its beneficiaries but has also inspired other ventures, including the nature park and the tourism sector, to follow in its footsteps.

Discover “Kaunertal Mountain Freedom”: Leading the Way in Accessibility

Born from the vision of a local entrepreneur, the “Kaunertal Mountain Freedom” project revolutionized accessibility in the alpine region. Pioneering the concept, they introduced the first barrier-free hotel in the Alps, setting a new standard for inclusivity. This visionary initiative gained momentum as the tourism association, along with key players such as Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen and the nature park, embraced the cause, expanding its impact throughout the entire region. While initially catering to wheelchair users, the project’s scope has broadened to encompass various demographics, including young families with strollers and elderly individuals using walkers.

Cultivating Our Agricultural Heritage

Kaunertal’s commitment to preserving its distinctive local identity and language is steadfast. The region takes pride in its agricultural heritage, with a special focus on alpine farming, which holds profound cultural significance. To bolster those dedicated to alpine farming, collaborative promotion projects have been initiated, uniting the efforts of agriculture, the nature park, the municipality, and the tourism association.

Championing Sustainable Tourism

Embracing the forward-looking ethos of sustainable tourism, Kaunertal actively participated in the CLEAN ALPINE REGION initiative, securing crucial funding. This commitment is reflected in a comprehensive program comprising seven core areas, all poised for implementation within a brief two-year timeframe. These strategic measures harmoniously address the three pillars of sustainability, propelling the region towards its goal of becoming a model sustainable tourism destination. Notably, a CLAR coordinator has been appointed, a technical expert armed with an extensive network within the realms of climate protection and renewable energies.

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