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Inka Mattila, Representante Residente, PNUD República Dominicana - UNWTO - Unravel Travel TV

Inka Mattila, Representante Residente, PNUD República Dominicana – UNWTO – Unravel Travel TV

Inka Mattila is a highly accomplished professional serving as the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Dominican Republic. With her extensive experience in development work, she plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainable development goals and promoting inclusive growth in the country. Inka Mattila attended the Inka Mattila, Representante Residente, PNUD República Dominican.

Inka Mattila attended UNWTO Executive Council 118th Session in the Dominican Republic. The video interview below:

Inka Mattila’s role as the Resident Representative involves collaborating closely with the government, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to design and implement programs that address critical development challenges. Her leadership and expertise contribute to formulating effective strategies and policies that drive positive change and enhance the well-being of the Dominican people.

Under Inka Mattila’s guidance, the UNDP in the Dominican Republic focuses on various priority areas, including poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, gender equality, and democratic governance. They aim to create a more equitable and resilient society by addressing these crucial issues.

One of Inka Mattila’s key priorities is promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth. She recognizes the importance of harnessing innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to drive development in the country. By fostering partnerships and collaborations with the private sector, she seeks to create an enabling environment for businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive, leading to job creation and economic empowerment.

Furthermore, Inka Mattila strongly advocates for gender equality and women’s empowerment. She works tirelessly to address gender-based discrimination and promote the rights and opportunities of women and girls. Through initiatives that promote women’s leadership, economic empowerment, and access to education and healthcare, she aims to create a society where gender equality is not just a goal but a lived reality.

Inka Mattila also emphasizes the importance of environmental sustainability and climate action. Recognizing the Dominican Republic’s vulnerability to climate change’s impacts, she strives to support initiatives that promote sustainable resource management, renewable energy, and climate resilience. By integrating environmental considerations into development planning, she aims to ensure the country’s greener and more sustainable future.

As the Resident Representative, Inka Mattila serves as a crucial link between the Dominican Republic and the global network of the UNDP. She actively engages in international dialogues, knowledge sharing, and resource mobilization efforts. By leveraging the expertise, resources, and experiences of the wider UNDP community, she strengthens the country’s development programs’ impact and effectiveness.

Inka Mattila’s dedication and passion for sustainable development are evident in her work and achievements. Her collaborative approach, strategic vision, and commitment to the well-being of the Dominican people make her a respected and influential leader in the development field.

Through her leadership, Inka Mattila strives to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future for the Dominican Republic. Her efforts are focused on leaving no one behind, ensuring that development benefits reach all segments of society, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized. With Inka Mattila at the helm, the UNDP in the Dominican Republic continues to play a vital role in shaping a brighter future for the country.

Inka Mattila, Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Unravel Travel TV