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Cardamom Sustainable Landscape & Ecotourism Project, Cambodia

The Cambodia Sustainable Landscape Ecotourism Project with the World Bank aims to improve protected areas management and promote ecotourism opportunities and non-timber forest product value chains in the Cardamom Mountains-Tonle Sap landscape.

The project has five components, the first being strengthening capacity for Protected Areas (PAs) landscape planning and management. This component will help address these issues through strategic investments in information and decision support systems for PA planning and management that support PA Law enforcement; strategy development, training, logistical support, and equipment for PA Law enforcement; PA zoning, boundary demarcation, and development of management plans; and the PAs’ revenue management model for Cambodia.

This component includes two subcomponents: information systems and decision support, and PAs landscape planning, management, and enforcement. The second component is strengthening opportunities for ecotourism and NTFP value chains. This component aims to finance critical investments and strengthen the enabling environment for expanding opportunities for ecotourism and NTFP value chains in Cambodia.

This component includes two subcomponents: strengthening opportunities for ecotourism development and promoting NTFP value chains.

The third component is to improve access and connectivity. Rural roads in Cambodia lack suitable all-weather road surfaces, width, and capacity, and they are inadequate to accommodate the growing need for goods and people transport. Over 80 per cent of rural roads in Cambodia are still receiving laterite or gravel surface covers, causing significant problems during the wet season because of road deformation and destruction, high operation and management costs, and during the dry season because of considerable dust development.

The fourth component is the project management, coordination, monitoring and evaluation. This component will carry out the day-to-day implementation, coordination, and management of project activities, including: (a) planning and execution, FM, procurement, environmental and social safeguards management, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation, and (b) internal and external audits for the project. Finally, the fifth component is the contingent emergency response.

The project abstract is drawn from the PAD, SAR, or PGD and may not accurately reflect the project’s current nature.

Link to details of the project:

Chiphat, Koh Kong Province, Southwest Cambodia

Cardamom Cottages, Chiphat, Cambodia

Local Industry, Kampong Thmar, Cambodia

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