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Barbados Reception Dublin, 20 June 2023 - Unravel Travel TV

Barbados Tourism strengthens ties with Ireland – Unravel Travel TV

The Hon. Ian Gooding-Edghill, M.P., Minister of Tourism & International Transport for Barbados, addressed the audience at the Barbados Travel Trade & Media Cocktail Reception in Dublin, Ireland on 20 June 2023. He highlighted the following:

Special Mention: Gooding-Edghill extended a warm welcome to all attendees, expressing his gratitude for the support Barbados receives from Ireland. He emphasized the importance of the Irish market to Barbados, praising Aer Lingus for their continued partnership, especially during the challenging COVID times. He acknowledged Aer Lingus’s 2021 debut and subsequent growth, outlining the airline’s current operations and its Airbus A330-300 aircraft’s capacity. The minister assured that the BTMI will ensure continued promotional support to grow Ireland as a vital market for Barbados tourism.

Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI): Established to facilitate the efficient development of tourism, the BTMI focuses on designing effective marketing strategies and ensuring adequate transport services for visitors. Their goal is to enhance tourist amenities and utilize market intelligence to inform tourism strategies.

Vision and Mission: The aim is to make Barbados a top global destination, using tourism to improve the lives of visitors and locals. They plan to use high-quality marketing to tell Barbados’s authentic story and involve partners in elevating the nation’s tourism sustainably. A key focus is on digital marketing

History: Tourism organization in Barbados began in 1932 with the formation of the Publicity Committee. This association included local businessmen, hoteliers, and the Government, focusing on promoting Barbados abroad. In 1958, the Barbados Tourist Board was formed to promote tourism year-round, with offices in major international cities. By 2014, the Barbados Government introduced the BTMI and Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA) to modernize and optimize its approach to the dynamic tourism industry.

Barbados Tourism strengthens ties with Ireland – Barbados Tourism website:

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