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Barbados Tourism Director Emphasizes Strong Bonds with Ireland - Unravel Travel TV

Barbados Tourism Director Emphasizes Strong Bonds with Ireland – Unravel Travel TV

At the Barbados Travel Trade & Media Cocktail Reception held in Dublin, Cheryl Carter, the Director for UK & Ireland of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI), delivered a spirited address that underscored the enduring ties between Barbados and Ireland.

Carter outlined the primary role of BTMI, emphasizing its commitment to nurturing the growth of Barbadian tourism. This involves crafting efficient marketing strategies, ensuring the availability of suitable transportation options for tourists, fostering the development of essential amenities, and utilizing cutting-edge market intelligence to cater to the industry’s evolving needs.

Speaking of the vision for Barbados, Carter painted a picture of the island nation as an aspirational global destination, with a strong focus on sustainable tourism that benefits both visitors and locals. The mission, she explained, was rooted in leveraging unique marketing techniques to authentically convey the allure of Barbados, with a particular emphasis on digital marketing avenues.

Taking attendees on a brief historical journey, Carter highlighted the genesis of tourism initiatives in Barbados. The pioneering effort started in 1932 with the formation of the Publicity Committee, a collaborative venture between the island’s leading businessmen and the government. The subsequent establishment of the Barbados Tourist Board in 1958 marked a significant stride in promoting Barbados throughout the year, backed by robust international outreach efforts in metropolises such as London, New York, and Toronto. The tourism landscape witnessed a transformative shift in 2014, with the introduction of BTMI and the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA), reimagining and revitalizing the island’s appeal in the dynamic world of global tourism.

Expressing her heartfelt appreciation, Carter warmly welcomed all attendees, including prominent representatives from Aer Lingus, highlighting the invaluable nature of personal connections in the tourism domain. The primary motivation behind the gathering, she remarked, was the introduction of the Hon. Ian Gooding-Edghill, the newly appointed Minister of Tourism and International Transport. Special words of gratitude were reserved for Michael Collins and his adept team at and TTR, recognizing their unwavering dedication in fortifying the relationship between Barbados and Ireland over recent years.

In her closing, Carter conveyed a sentiment that resonated deeply: the event was less about grand speeches and more about the tangible sense of camaraderie, partnership, and mutual respect shared between Barbados and the Irish market, promising an enriched collaboration in the times to come.

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